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This is the place to find our newest treats. We're introducing lot's of new dark chocolate and seasoned nuts. Check back often! And, sign up for our monthly E-blast that offers discount coupons when a new product arrives!

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Dill Pickle Peanuts!

Yes you read that right! We found a dill pickle salt and paired it with our soft white peanuts to give you a flavor thats absolutely unbelievable. If you love pickles you will love this peanut.


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The Sweet & Salty Mix is a nice twist on on our already fantastic caramel corn. It's an 8oz. bag mixed with our homemade caramel corn, redskin peanuts, chocolate dipped peanuts & pretzels.

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A south of the border blend of zesty lime and chili spices coats our fresh roasted peanuts and cashews to create the snack made famous in paradise.

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An amazing hand dipped cluster of roasted salted pecans and silky smooth milk chocolate individually wrapped.  Because they are hand dipped, the pieces are not uniform, yielding between 16 and 24 pieces per pound.  

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New, amazing, blistering hot Ghost Whites are the highest level of heat now sold in the US. We begin with a freshly roasted hard white peanut and apply ground Bhut Jolokia pepper that packs a whopping 1,500,000 Scoville units of firepower. We selected Ghost Pepper because it has perfect characteristics for nuts. First, it does not 'punch you in the face'. The heat subtly grows in your mouth from an ember to a flame, allowing you to enjoy the fresh roasted flavor of the peanut while the heat is building. Next, they are surprisingly clean, not a lot of residue like with other spicy nuts. Finally, they need less salt. Ghost Whites are not for everyone. Heed the ghost pepper warnings but do not be afraid to try them.

$5.20 each
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This crunchy snack is a combination of crunchy, savory Honey Sesame Sticks with fresh roasted Hard White Peanuts & Broken Cashews, both lightly salted. Once you try this trio you'll wish there was more! The perfect combo for any party!

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Get that extra energy throughout the day, before and after a workout. We developed this mixture with active people in mind. The energy mix consists of Heggy's Nut Shop's fresh roasted Almonds, Soft White peanuts and all natural Raw Walnuts, Dried Pineapple, Cranberries, Banana Chips and Honey Sesame Sticks.

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Tocino Cashews combine the sweet, fresh roasted flavor of the cashew nut from India with the uniquitous delight of bacon flavored seasoning. This Heggy's Nut Shop exclusive will stimulate every area of the brain with the first bite.

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