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Super Sundae Snack Pack


"Just Add Ice Cream!" With our new Super Sundae Snack Pack, you can treat your family, friends, groups to our best sundae flavors. It consists of a full pint of Heggy's heavenly homemade Hot Fudge, 1 half pint each of our homemade Caramel and Peanut Butter toppings, plus 1 half pound each of salted Broken Cashews, Spanish Peanuts and Pecan Pieces to sprinkle on top. Add you own super premium ice cream and it's just like sitting at our old fashioned soda counter. Great for birthday parties, backyard BBQ's or social clubs.

Average serving size: 12 Hot Fudge sundaes, 6 Peanut Butter sundaes and 6 Caramel sundaes

$28.00 each

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