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Ghost Whites

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Ghost Whites - Hard White Peanuts with Bhut Jolokia pepper seasoning

New, amazing, blistering hot Ghost Whites are the highest level of heat now sold in the US. We begin with a freshly roasted hard white peanut and apply the ground Bhut Jolokia pepper that packs a whopping 1,500,000 Scoville units of firepower.

We chose the Ghost Pepper for several reasons

First, it does not 'punch you in the face'. No, the heat subtly builds on your tongue, from an ember to a flame, allowing you to enjoy the fresh roasted flavor of the peanut while the heat is building. Next, they are surprisingly clean, not a lot of residue like with other spicy nuts. Finally, they need less salt.

Ghost Whites are not for everyone. Heed the ghost pepper warnings but do not be afraid to try them.

Ghost Whites Bag

Sold in our new white resealable freshness bag, one pound of fresh roasted Ghost Whites.

$6.50 each

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