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Ben Heggy's hand-crafted Chocolates and Caramels

**Due to the rising temperatures, we do not recommend shipping chocolates & are not responsible for any melted chocolate.**
We offer Ben Heggy's handmade chocolates and caramels in increments as small as one half pound. You can also order mixed light and dark chocolate for any flavor offered. There are roughly 24-30 pieces to a pound, depending on the item.

For custom orders, order whatever total amount you want in one flavor and use the "Notes & Instructions" box in the checkout page to let us know specifics: ie "I would like my 1 lb. to be 1/3 milk peanut, 1/3 dark peppermint and 1/3 pretzel delight."

Ben Heggy's fine chocolates are handmade from recipes dating back to the early 1900's.  These are a gourmet quality chocolates at a value price. Individually cellophane wrapped to maintain freshness, we use no preservatives and recommend air tight refrigeration but not freezing for longer storage.

Solid Chocolates

Fresh all natural ingredients; fresh roasted nuts, raisins, caramel, peanut brittle, coconut, hand-dipped in silky milk "light" chocolate, rich semisweet "dark" chocolate or white chocolate.

 These individually wrapped pieces are the best sellers of the brand and exemplify the difference that separate fresh candy from the national brands.

Cream Centered Chocolates

Cream centers are a Ben Heggy's tradition.  Starting with fresh Ohio dairy cream cooked in copper kettles over a flame, then infused with all natural ingredients like fruit purees, mint oils, and of course butter and sugar.  From the subtle vanilla to the tart lemon cream,  each piece is unique in character and splendor.


Built upon a recipe dating back to the early 1900's, Heggy's caramels are known as supple and packed with flavor.  When combined with choice nuts, pecans and almonds they are simply fabulous.  Many call our butterscotch the best they've ever tried.

Light Chocolates

We call our milk chocolate coated pieces "light" chocolate.  It is sweeter and silkier than it's semisweet cousin.  When paired with peanuts, raisins or any of the other cream or solid center, it is a delicious piece. Ben Heggy's light chocolates have delighted customers for over eighty years.

Dark Chocolates

We call our semisweet chocolate "dark".  It has a faint snap to it because it is so fresh.  Dark chocolate has become the favorite of many as tastes evolve from sweet.  Much is written about the antioxidant properties of dark chocolate but we love it for what it does to the solid and cream centers that it cloaks. The dark caramel is a top seller in the category.

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