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Hard White Peanuts with Bhut Jolokia pepper seasoning!

New, amazing, blistering hot Ghost Whites are the highest level of heat now sold in the US. We begin with a freshly roasted hard white peanut and apply ground Bhut Jolokia pepper that packs a whopping 1,500,000 Scoville units of firepower. We selected Ghost Pepper because it has perfect characteristics of nuts.

  • First, it does not 'punch you in the face'. The heat subtly builds in your mouth from an ember to a flame, allowing you to enjoy the fresh roasted flavor of the peanut while the temperature is rising.
  • Next, they are surprisingly clean, not a lot of residue like with other spicy nuts.
  • Finally, they need less salt!

Ghost Whites are not for everyone. Heed the ghost pepper warnings, but do not be afraid to try them.

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