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Heggy's Peanut Gallery There is no “good, better, best” classification with these peanuts, they all grade out at the top. Heggy’s many different peanut options derive off two distinct peanuts. After that, it’s only a matter of seasoning. Not to sound cliché, but it all "boils down" to preference, no pun intended. The two basic peanuts we offer are the Spanish and the Virginia peanut. The Spanish peanut is nearly round and the skins are intact. The Virginia peanut is oblong and comes unshelled, or shelled with the skin on (redskin) and off (blanched). Heggy’s offers the blanched Virginia peanut in two roasts, single (soft white) and double (hard white). Peanuts grow in the south but the Virginia peanut is not sourced from Virginia any longer. Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia are the largest growers of peanuts that supply Heggy’s today.

Taste is all that matters.

The flavor profile of Heggy’s four basic varieties are distinctive because they are usually consumed in less than two weeks from roasting. Mass produced national brands that are canned or jarred for months or years all taste basically the same but not so with Heggy’s.

Spanish peanuts when properly roasted are tan – light brown and have a rich taste due to their higher oil content. The skins taste a bit like rice paper, very mild.

Redskin peanuts are the most underrated in the lineup. Some of the skins loosen and break off after roasting which can be a bit messy but the flavor of the skin contrasting with the perfectly roasted peanut actually brings out the natural sweet taste of the nut kernel. If you want to try a truly enjoyable tasting experience of a fresh roasted peanut, try eating redskin peanuts one at a time with chopsticks and savor the flavor of each peanut. They will prove to you that fresh roasted peanuts do not need the added sugar like the national brand “Beer Nuts”.

Soft Whites are also called “cocktail peanuts” by national brands. They are a basic blanched roasted Virginia peanut and are packed with flavor and easy to chew when fresh. Some popular uses are chopping and adding to all sorts of ethnic dishes like Asian and middle-eastern. They are also great when mixed with dried fruits, seeds and chocolate chips (trail mix).

The hard white is one of the most popular because of the unique roasted flavor and crispy crunch. There is no equivalent in mass production because the shelf life of these characteristics is too short for large scale nationwide distribution.

Check back for more Peanut Gallery Unwrapped discussions such as seasonings, our favorite recipes using peanuts and more.

Hard White Peanuts with Bhut Jolokia pepper seasoning!

New, amazing, blistering hot Ghost Whites are the highest level of heat now sold in the US. We begin with a freshly roasted hard white peanut and apply ground Bhut Jolokia pepper that packs a whopping 1,500,000 Scoville units of firepower. We selected Ghost Pepper because it has perfect characteristics of nuts.

  • First, it does not 'punch you in the face'. The heat subtly builds in your mouth from an ember to a flame, allowing you to enjoy the fresh roasted flavor of the peanut while the temperature is rising.
  • Next, they are surprisingly clean, not a lot of residue like with other spicy nuts.
  • Finally, they need less salt!

Ghost Whites are not for everyone. Heed the ghost pepper warnings, but do not be afraid to try them.

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