The simple truth, every organization needs money to operate. But let’s face it, there is very little “fun” in fundraising. Whether it’s begging for donations or selling raffle tickets, most members can’t wait for the campaign to end. Until now.

Selling Heggy's fresh roasted nuts will earn money, now! 

Resale Packaging

Heggy's offers the choices to help you meet your sales and profit goals.

These nuts offer the highest value potential for raising funds. 

  • Redskin Peanuts 
  • Hard Whites
  • Broken Whole Cashews
  • Special Mixed Nuts

We also have offer our buttery caramel corn with and without nuts.


Choose from 8, 4 or 2 ounce bags, 8 oz. reclosable freshness bags, or customized USA Made tins, depending on the size of your goal.


See our most popular options

Let Heggy’s help you customize your fund raising campaign. Call 330‐454‐6611 and ask for Darin.

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