The sure path to growth in the food and beverage industry is to serve fresh, high quality products. Leaving a strong impression for over 65 years, Heggy's has been a leading choice for caterers, wedding and event planners and top establishments because our nuts are always fresh, the highest quality and cost effective.

Heggy’s Fresh Roasted Salted Nuts

Everyone has tasted a cashew, a pecan, an almond. But few have the opportunity to enjoy a nut fresh out of the roaster. Look at the can or jar of the last mixed nuts you ate. Does it say "Best if used... " sometime next year? That's how long they stay in the distribution channel, months, years. Heggy's are usually eaten within weeks of roasting. They are crisp, flavorful, naturally sweet and always delicious. Taste the difference for yourself, then serve them to your guests.

Serve them complimentary to your patrons, or sell them by the bowl or in stay-fresh cello bags, these nuts will delight your guests and enhance their experience in your venue . Food & Beverage Directors are invited to call 330-454-6611 and ask for Darin.

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